About Axol Bioscience

At Axol, we’re here to support drug discovery researchers who want to harness the power of iPSC-derived models. Like you, we believe that these more human-relevant advanced in vitro models have the potential to unlock better, safer therapies for neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases. We’ve been working with iPSCs in a quality-focused environment for over a decade and have developed a deep understanding of the challenges of this space. Whether it’s compound screening on physiologically useful models, iPSC creation, QC and banking, or the large-scale supply of functionally-relevant cells, we can help you. Our capabilities include: High-quality, functionally consistent axoCellsTM, a bank of over 70 fully characterized and licensed axoLinesTM, our QC-rich axoServicesTM, and the ability to work with you to build, validate and use iPSC-based axoModelsTM. Collaboration is one of our six core company values; we’re here to help you by doing the heavy lifting, so you can focus on the science with reduced risk, shortened project timelines and improved outcomes.



Roslin Innovation Centre Charnock Bradley Building Easter Bush Campus Easter Bush, EH25 9RG United Kingdom
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