A little bit about us:

We are passionate about advancing medical science, reducing and replacing the animals used in research and supporting the innovative researchers and technologies that enable this. In such a rapidly advancing and transformative area of science we believe communication is essential to make informed decisions and discoveries.

  • June 2022: Launched OrganoidSpheroid.com to share the latest Innovative 3D biology, Organoid, Spheroid, Organ-on-a-chip research news, papers, technologies and content. 
  • March 2023: Founded and hosted the first World Organoid Research Day, twelve hours of talks online (yes twelve hours from 8am to 8pm GMT!) with live questions and answers from key organoid and organ-on-a-chip researchers from all around the globe. Over 3,000 registered and joined us throughout the day.
  • February 2024: Saw our first in person three day event; World Organoid (and organ-on-a-chip) Research Day+ 2024 and Organ-on-a-chip JumpStart training too.  Circa 400 people joined us!  The event saw us award a £1,000.00 prize to research on the day and announce a £10,000.00 grant donation that will be awarded back into research too. Very well received we are back again next year with WORD+2025!
  • June 2024: We are launching the WORC.Community: To bring Organoid and Organ-on-a-chip researchers together! Easily connect, share ideas and experiences. The idea for this community came after speaking with many of you expressing the need for joined up thinking and making long lasting connections. We hope you enjoy and always welcome feedback and innovation.

Getting started on WORC.Community

A few quick pointers to ensure this community stays research focussed. Need help just email: support@worc.community 

  • Basic registration enables you to have a profile page, feature your ORCID URL etc, post a *paper but no chat or discussion. Please make sure to register with your workplace email address or update it to soon after.
  • A Full Membership provides access to chat rooms, discussion and interaction with other community members. If you'd like access to a new private room, please email us with the name of the room.
  • Commercial promotions and content is only allowed in the sponsored learning room here and the Technology promotion room here.
  • Advertising options of different areas are available by emailing support@worc.community 
  • Sharing of events and webinars is not permitted without prior approval. Please email support@worc.community 
Did you know?1. Rooms are for chatting, sharing ideas, discussion on topics etc. Access is normally by Full membership.

Channels (side bar of page) are more for broadcasting and sharing content such as posting papers and protocols. 

  • This content is normally open and visible to all website visitors:

3. Commercial promotions and content is only allowed in the sponsored learning room here and the Technology promotion room here

4. There are many ways to post/publish content. For all options you can choose where your content will be seen. 

  • Papers & protocols are best posted/published in the papers and protocol channels.
    • Go to top right of screen: 'Create'- a post/document'
    • Choose a badge label (lets your content be found easily)
    • Choose your channels or a room. Save and choose publish.
    • Note if you post in a private room it won't be seen elsewhere.
  • Videos can -be shared by hyperlinks or embedded code from YouTube, Vimeo etc (not direct upload for security).

5. Search for documents, conversation and more by using the search bar at the top of the page. You can filter on content type and location.

*All content posted must not infringe any copyright or licensing laws. Commercial providers must not message or approach other members unless the member has initiated  contact first. All House rules can be found here.  All research papers shared by WORC.Community are done so under the Open Access Creative Commons license 4.0

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