£10,000 Grant donation!

From WORC. Community and WORD+

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£10,000.00 Organoid and Organ-on-a-chip researcher donation application here!

For Academic Research Establishments, including academic spin outs within last 3 years.

Process and timelines.

  1. Submit an outline proposal below by 17:00 GMT 31st October 2024.
  2. Outline proposals are reviewed by the WORLD ORGANOID RESEARCH DAY panel.
  3. Successful outline applicants are invited to submit a full application by 31st December 2024.
  4. Full applications are evaluated by the WORLD ORGANOID RESEARCH DAY panel with the sole winner of the £10,000.00 grant invited TO and formally announced at WORD+2025.

Outline process assessment criteria.

The outline application must:

  • Clearly describe the main goals of the research, the challenges the research addresses and its potential outcomes in its application/use/adoption or creation of organoid or organoid on a chip technologies.
  • Demonstrate where the £10,000.00 donation will be employed in the research and the timeline for the research to reach its outcomes.
  • The outline application will be assessed on its quality of science, challenges it addresses, expertise and experience of the team and value for money.
  • The lead applicant as a minimum must have completed or be undertaking a PhD.
  • Any commercial partner interests/affiliations must be declared.

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