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About Axion BioSystems

Axion BioSystems is a leading life sciences tools company focused on innovative live-cell assays used to study the function of cells in vitro for drug discovery, disease modeling, cancer immunotherapy, safety/toxicity, and more. The Maestro platform is the world’s most advanced microelectrode array (MEA) and impedance system, allowing non-invasive evaluation of your cells in an easy-to-use assay. Whether monitoring the intricate, electrical activity of excitable cells (e.g. neurons and cardiomyocytes), or tracking the growth and death of cancer cells, Maestro allows you to investigate the functionality of your cells label-free in a multiwell plate. Axion’s Omni products are the next generation in kinetic live-cell imaging, combining compact and fast imaging hardware with powerful image analysis algorithms. Generate high-quality, robust data with the latest in automated time-lapse imaging.



Axion BioSystems 1819 Peachtree St NE Suite 350 Atlanta, GA 30309 United States of America
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